Peering, cloud, and more

Once you have access to our platform, you can choose which interconnection services you need:

Peer with GlobePEER

SEECIX offers peering on the most advanced Layer 2 switching platform in the industry. The GlobePEER service enables networks to peer with all connected networks instantly via the route servers. The need to negotiate bilateral peering agreements is significantly lower. Learn more.

Fight DDoS attacks with Blackholing

To mitigate the effects of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, SEECIX offers customer-triggered Blackholing. The service is free of charge. Learn more.

Reach networks at additional DE-CIX locations with GlobePEER Remote

With the GlobePEER Remote service, networks connected to SEECIX can peer remotely with all connected networks at other DE-CIX locations. The SEECIX platform in Athens is interconnected with multiple DE-CIX platforms and with access in one of the locations, you can peer remotely at at all the other locations. Learn more.

Connecting privately with VirtualPNI  

If networks want to peer privately or connect directly to a network at a SEECIX-enabled site, they can do so with a VLAN, using the VirtualPNI service. In addition, ordering a VLAN to a network connected at a different DE-CIX location worldwide is also possible. Learn more.

Access cloud services with DirectCLOUD

SEECIX provides private access to cloud services. This means you can use your existing access to connect to several cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure just via an additional VLAN. Learn more.


GlobePEER service

SEECIX GlobePEER remote service

GlobePEER Remote service

SEECIX DirectCLOUD service

DirectCLOUD service